The Software


Bank Data

  • Download data from online banks like AIB, BOI, Ulster, etc
  • All data is loaded without data entry and therefore fully reconciled
  • Just drop down a menu and allocate what a payment or income was for
  • All income and expense menus are fixed by the system
  • All repeat transactions like direct debits are allocated automatically
  • Track bank loan repayments as well as incomes and expenses
  • Load current account, credit card and loan account data in the same way

Co-op Data

  • Download data from Dairygold, Glanbia and Kerry websites
  • Expenses are automatically allocated but can be changed if needed
  • No need to break down co-op expenses when allocating payment in bank
  • Use the trading report to track all trading data with one supplier


  • Quickly move from year to year
  • Create a simple and quick cash flow budget
  • Project the current account bank balance for the rest of the year
  • Track cash flow via the bank as time passes and compare to the budget
  • Analyse dairy performance for last year on per litre and per kgMS basis
  • One page report for your discussion group meeting in the new year
  • Use pie and bar charts to view your cash and drill down for detail
  • View a graph of your bank balances from year to year

Get someone to help

  • Get help from Agrinet or your trusted financial adviser
  • All files from banks and co-ops can be loaded for you remotely
  • You just drop down a menu and allocate unknown expenses
  • Get help from advisers on cash budgeting to make better decisions
  • Get help from accountants for efficient transfer of financial data

Data Security

Because of the confidentiality of the data, CashMinder has been developed using it’s own database with it’s own access username and password. It requires no names, addresses or contact phone numbers. There is no connection at all with any other Agrinet databases, for example the Agrinet grass database. This gives you the option to ask your accountant or farm adviser to sign you up on CashMinder and they may be the only people who know your identification on CashMinder.

  • Secure central database system
  • No client names or addresses in database for security reasons
  • Ask your trusted financial adviser to sign you up to hide your identity.